DCE & DCO VM level backup concern


DCE & DCO VM level backup concern

Dear All,

For one of our customer we have configured DCE backup through our DCE client  to restore in case of vm server or application failure. Now customer is facing the issue of backup

 folder size as they have surveillance camera which adds up the backup size. Customer is requesting if they can go for VM backup from their end, instead of DCE configured window shared backup for our DCE client.

What will be our recommendation kindly suggest. They are taking similar window share DCO backup and also want to be shifted to vm backup.

As per them they will take this vm backup everyday and can restore complete vm machine if in case there is issue in application or VM machine. They want to know if we have any concern or issue if

we don’t initiate backup from our client.   


Re: DCE & DCO VM level backup concern

Hi SESA11693,


We strongly recommend using our backup option. If the customer would like to take a snapshot of their VM and save it, they can always do that but if there's an issue with the snapshot, we may not be able to assist them as well as we might with a DCE backup from the system itself. If it's an issue of space, they can purge some of the data. There's also an option in the most recent DCE versions to compress the backup (can't be used in the incremental backups).


If they feel they want to use the Vm option, I would suggest they at least run a configuration backup every so often so that if there's an issue with the system and the snapshot, they at least have something to fall back on.



As for DCO, I'll have to defer to someone more knowledgeable about DCE as I'm not as up to speed on that system but I would imagine similar recommendations would be in order for that system as well.




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Re: DCE & DCO VM level backup concern



For DCO:

Snapshot of the vm host may work, but that is not part of DCO supported option/feature. The supported features are the usual Backup and Restore option plus setting up a Disaster Recovery server for resuming operation in the event of a disaster.


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