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AP8886 Bank Trip NO Alert from DCE & NO Power Utilization data in ver 6.8


AP8886 Bank Trip NO Alert from DCE & NO Power Utilization data in ver 6.8

Hi Experts,

I would like to check why our AP8886 Rack PDU not alerting when Bank Breaker Trip and there is no Bank Power Utilization in DCE and showing sensor reading as "Unplugged".


We need an expert advise and solution to our issue. We have lot of PDU onsite and we are at risk of not alerting & power data.


I Have history when Banks power data was reading in DCE and current data showing "Unplugged".

Attach pictures Sensor history & Current live sensor reading from DCE.


Please advise a solution. 

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Lieutenant Lieutenant

Re: AP8886 Bank Trip NO Alert from DCE & NO Power Utilization data in ver 6.8

Hello @shaikma,


FYI: I am unable to access the attachments on this post.  If possible, please re-upload them, thank you.


Was there any upgrades to the NMC or DCE / DDFs around this time.  Usually there are only a few reasons for unplugged sensors:

  1. DDF Change during a DCE upgrade, or manual DDF import.
  2. Upgrade of device firmware and the device no longer reports that SNMP value.
  3. The sensor on the device is unplugged or "offline".  This applies mainly to sensors that you can physically plug in, such as 

What occured around the time that the device sensor started reporting unplugged?


In this case it seems that the device may not be reporting the value back, so DCE is just showing the sensor(s) as unplugged. 


In regards to the alarm: Did the device report any alarms on its web interface for the breaker being tripped?  How long was the alarm active for on the PDU?


You can also reach out through your local technical support, and as long as you have a software support contract, they should be able to look at certain information to help pin-point the issue, such as the essential alerts alarm file for the PDU within DCE to determine if it is an alarm that will trigger an alert.


Kind Regards,