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Visitor Management in Access Expert V3


How does Visitor Management work in V3?

Product Line

Access Expert


  • Hosted
  • Premise
  • Version 3


No directions on how to configure Visitor Management in V3


In order to use Visitor Management in V3, here are the steps to get it configured:

  1. Open up a Chrome browser and enter this url http://ax.accessxpert.com
  2. Once the site comes up, enter the instance name and necessary user credentials
  3. From the AX Header, Select Visitor Management Tab
  4. Select the Kiosk Tab and Enter the visitor's name and email address and click Next to proceed
  5. Enter the person who the Visitor is seeing, system will automatically pull up the person, click on Next
  6. Capture the Photo of the Visitor and Crop accordingly
  7. Sign into the Window and click on Check in to see "Person"
  8. An email will be generated to that person to let them know that they have a Visitor
  9. A badge will be shown on the screen which has the Visitor's Photos and information
  10. Click on the Print Button to Print a badge that can be displayed on the Visitors body
  11. Depending on the printer (eg. Dymo being used), there are some settings that may need to be set for a good picture to be captured and Printed
  12. Choose the right paper source as well as scaling value.  In this case, it is set to 70
  13. Once everything is correct click on the Print button to send to the respective Printer
  14. Attach to the Visitor for duration of the Visit
  15. Upon completion of the Visit, select Check Out and this will Check the Vistor Out of the system
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