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Different options on the CyberStation security key


What are the different options on the CyberStation security key?

Product Line

Andover Continuum, Pelco






NOTE: These are the options used to program a security key but not necessarily what shows when a key is read using MMC key reader.

For example when a key is programmed for FIPS-201 it does NOT show the -F when the key information is read using MMC key reader, one way to know if FIPS-201 is enabled is to look at the Allowed Credentials setting in the Cyberstation, the FIPS credential options will be blank if the Cyberstation key is not enabled for FIPS-201


SU-INT           Single User Integrated

SU-HVAC      Single User HVAC

SU-SEC        Single User Security

LAN-INT        LAN Integrated


LAN-SEC      LAN Security


CyberStation Options:

-U                    Unlimited Points

-P                    Programmer’s Version

-B                    Badging Option

-CFRB1           Basic CFR Compliance Pack – 1st Workstation

-CFRBV1        Basic CFR Compliance Pack – 2nd Workstation & up

-CFRA1           Advanced CFR Compliance Pack – 1st Workstation

-CFRAV1        Advanced CFR Compliance Pack – 2nd Workstation & up

-D                    Data Exchange Option – includes Personnel Import Utility

-E2, 3                Endura integration option

-F1, 2                FIPS 201 option

-USB4             USB Key


1    Option requires special approval before it can be enabled.

2    Option only available through software upgrade process; cannot be ordered with new P/N configurations.

3    New option introduced in v1.91; required per workstation for integration with a Pelco Endura system. Currently this is free as of 8/2/14 but needs a cookie       from repair for this option to work

4    USB Key Option is mandatory for new orders

Note: The Continuum version number of a key, allows it to operate with all Cyberstation versions up to that release.

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