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Configure a network switch to connect to a Continuum controller


What does a network switch need to be configured as to connect to a Continuum controller?


  • Network switch
  • CX99xx
  • CX94xx
  • CX92xx
  • CX9702
  • B4920
  • BCX series controllers 


The configuration depends on what model of controller is being connected to the Ethernet switch.


If you are connecting any of the CX99xx, CX94xx, or CX92xx models of controllers:

  • The switch port needs to be configured as 10 Mb Half duplex.
  • These series controllers only support a 10 Mb connection type and they do not auto detect the connection type. 

If you are using any of the newer model controllers like the CX9702, B4920, or BCX series controllers 

  • they support an auto detect connection type of 10/100 Mb connection.
  • These newer controllers will also auto detect the mode for either full or half duplex.
  • An additional feature on the BCX series controllers is that they will also auto detect whether the CAT5 cable being used is a Cross over cable or Straight through cable.
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