Using EBO to replace a SIM-MTECH

Using EBO to replace a SIM-MTECH


Existing SIM-MTECH communicates with a McQuay OPM (Open Protocol Master) and McQuay controllers under it. Can an AS-P replace the SIM-MTECH?

Product Line

TAC IA Series, EcoStruxure Building Operation


  • I/A Series NW8000 GCM/SIM-MTECH (McQuay OPM)
  • Building Operation Automation Server Premium


Replacing obsolete NW8000 GCM/SIM-MTECH with currently supported EBO AS-P


The GCM/SIM-MTECH data base can be converted as a normal GCM through the Transition Tool on the Schenider Electric Exchange TAC I/A Series Transition Portal.  The blocks specifically associated with the OPM integration will not be converted. A third-party hardware device can be used that will allow the AS-P to communicate through the OPM to the McQuay controllers. This will be accomplished by BACNet or Modbus protocol to the AS-P depending on the third parties device selected.  Refer to these 2 documents and websites.  NOTE: These are third party devices and have not been tested or approved by Schneider Electric Product Support.

FS-8700-80 McQuay MicroTech Open Protocol

Mcquay Gateways

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