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Update b3 or i2 OS, changing (converting) a controller, BACnet to Infinet or Infinet to BACnet


Update OS, changing a controller, BACnet to Infinet or Infinet to BACnet
Can b3 controllers be converted to i2 controllers?
Can i2 controllers be converted to b3 controllers?
Converting between bCX4040 and bCX9640

Product Line

Andover Continuum, EcoStruxure Building Operation



Only a limited number of controllers can be converted, BACnet to/from Infinet, using Update OS.


The following controllers can be converted between Infinet and BACnet, using the appropriate firmware files:

  • bCX (bCX4040 to/from bCX9640) (options like Xdrivers, node count, IO modules and expansion IO modules are not effected)
  • i28xx-V - b38xx-V (i2865-V to/from b3865-V, i2866-V to/from b3866-V, i2885-V to/from b3885-V)

Attempting to flash (Update OS) any other controllers  BACnet to/from Infinity is not recommended.
In nearly every instance, the result will be a non-functioning controller.

(Note: In the bCX controllers, the ACCNetID will revert back to the default of "1", you may need to change this in the Controllers configuration webpage back to what it should be. See Will IP settings persist when flashing a bCX4040 (BACnet) to a bCX9640 (Infinet)? for details.)

BACnet Firmware

Infinet Firmware

The following can be used as a general rule to determine which OS is currently running in the controller. bCX only. (b3 & i2 CPU is green)

  • CPU LED is Green = BACnet OS
  • CPU LED is Yellow = Infinet OS

This information was written before SBO/EBO/Smartstruxure. b3 to i2 conversions have not been specifically tested and there is no facility to change firmware on an i2 device

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