How to calculate storage used by Extended Trend Logs

How to calculate storage used by Extended Trend Logs


A site is required to store Extended Trend Log historical data for an extended period of time, in order to make sure the system has enough capacity for all the data  it is necessary to calculate the storage needed ahead of time

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Understanding the storage requirements for long term trend storage


Formula to calculate the storage capacity needed for Extended Trend Log data.

Storage in bytes (S)  = Number Of Records (N) x 70 bytes.


Consider a trend log of 1000 records with a 10 minute interval, if the requirement is to keep 5 years of data, how much storage capacity will be required?

The number of records would (N)  be... 6 records per hour times 24 hours per day times 365 days per year*** times 5 years

(*** leap years must be taken into account)

N =  6 X 24 X 365 X 5 = 262800 bytes


S = N X 70

S = 262800 X 70

S = 18396000 bytes or approximately 18 megabytes

Notes - there are two alternatives to using the ES database for long term trend storage.

1. Report Server

2. External Log Storage is possible from EBO v3.0 using TimescaleDB database

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