Cyberstation randomly stops sending email notification of alarms

Cyberstation randomly stops sending email notification of alarms


Webclient fails to send alarm events (using Outlook). This happens every few days.

The Windows event viewer on the IIS (Webclient) server has a few errors happening at the same time.
Errors include Continuum losing connection to the database and going into 'no database mode'. Then it restores the connection after few minutes. At almost the same time an error occurs related to 'accdataservices.exe'. Also, an error occurs indicating that Outlook has failed to communicate with the exchange server.


Webclient v1.74, v1.81, v1.82, v1.90

MS Outlook

MS Exchange


Continuum will randomly stop sending emails for alarms that are configured to send emails. Manually sending of emails from Outlook still works but CyberStation will not send out the message. There are no Outlook errors posted in the Windows Event Viewer and there are no Cyberstation error messages related to email.


There are hotfixes, for some of the above versions, to fix this issue.  Contact Product Support Services if you need these hotfixes.

Note: Versions 1.91 and higher have the updated code. 

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