Controller does not retain configuration on cold start

Controller does not retain configuration on cold start


On a cold start, the i2 or b3 controller does not retain the configuration stored in flash memory.

The controller error log shows a 0x000014fb error.


12     E      01/01/1989 00:02:10.00     0x000014fb     0x0928ab00     0x019085a6    0x1442000c

Product Line

Andover Continuum


  • Continuum b3 Controller
  • Continuum i2 Controller


i2 and b3 controllers must compile the controller configuration prior to backing the configuration up to flash memory.  An invalid configuration will prevent the compilation process from completing, thus preventing the backup process from succeeding.  


The most common causes of OMS Backup failures are

  • Plain English programs that contain errors.
  • Input or Outputs that are configured without a channel number.



  1. Correct any configuration errors. 
  2. Initiate a backup of the controller configuration to flash memory.
  3. Verify that the backup has been successful.  There should be no 0x000014fb  errors in the controller error log. 
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