[Imported] Realflo modbus addresses


[Imported] Realflo modbus addresses

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I am working very first time with Realflo and RTU334 and I am little confuse with Modbus address to read gas composition and flow parameters like pipe dia.
According to manual I have set 19 register to read parameters and mine starting address is 45500.
Please guide me that I am doing in right way and aslo see the attach image of addresses in Telepace for parameters.**_

![]((see attachments below) bi/12r347rbwu9s.jpg "")



Looks like you will need to do some more reading and get up to speed on how Realflo works and where its configuration is stored. You will find what you are looking for in the Realflo Reference manual which has been included in most newer releases of Realflo. Look for the reference manual in your start menu or under the Help menu inside Realflo.

Also read up on number types in the Telepace help. Most of the numbers you want are floating point and are contained in two 16-bit modbus address.

A useful configuration tool in Realflo you might use is "Modbus mapping". It allows you to map out certain configuration registers from Realflo to other modbus addresses and avoid some of the complications of dealing with the Realflo config using Realflo's standard methods.

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