[Imported] Realflo Flow Calc Registers


[Imported] Realflo Flow Calc Registers

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I'm configuring a system with 02 control flow calculations in software RealFlo, RUN RUN 1 and 2. The flow values of RUN 1 I can read all the values normally. Modbus address 47500 to 47558??. But in RUN 2 I can not read the modbus addresses. What are the correct addresses for reading the values of RUN 2?? Example: Flow volume at base conditions During the contract day. "In RUN 2 I can not read the addresses as 42621 to 42682 manual RealFlo. Values are all at ZERO.
The "Modbus Mapping" is disabled.
I am using the following tools:
Hardware: ScadaPack LP with firmware version: Boot Loader 1:43
RealFlo Software Version: 6.75.1
Telepace Studio Version: 5.0.3
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I suspect you're looking in the wrong registers for your Run 2 information. According to the Realflo manual:
Meter Run 1 Data Registers: 47500 to 48499
Meter Run 2 Data Registers: 46500 to 47499
In order to read the same values for Run 2 that you're reading from Run 1, subtract 1000 from the register numbers used for run 2.