[Imported] RealFlo communiction to ultrasonic flowmeter with modbus


[Imported] RealFlo communiction to ultrasonic flowmeter with modbus

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Hi, I am going to buy some Realflo software and Scadapack RTU to buid my Flowcomputer system.
The gas ultrasonic flowmeter will be demanded to transfer flow data via Modbus to the Realflo in the SCADAPack RTU.
How can I to do? I know the Realflo can use the impulse signal from flowmeter. But my customer wish to use the digital signal from the gas ultrasonic flowmeter.


You need to create code for a Modbus Master Message in the SCADAPack to read the required info from the flow meter into a Modbus register address in the SCADAPack. Then you need to configure the RealFLO Flow Run to use this Modbus register address.
Use the MSTR function block (serial Modbus) or the MSIP (Ethernet Modbus) to read the Modbus data from the Flow Meter.


I believe you will have to use the pulse output from the ultrasonic meter feeding into the AGA7 calculations of RealFLO. We currently cannot take the flowrate readings and direct them into RealFLO.