[Imported] Max DLog records in a 4203?


[Imported] Max DLog records in a 4203?

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Can anyone tell what the maximum number of DLog records that a 4203 will hold?_**


The 4203's DLOG will hold approximately:
TelePACE-based 4203: 19.3K words
ISaGRAF-based 4203: 21.4K words


So 19300 records in a Telepace configuration?_**


This is not the number of records, it's the number of total words of data. The number of records is a factor of the number of words used per record in the DLOG configuration.
In short, if a DLOG is configured to log a time/date stamp (4 words) and three analog inputs, (1 + 1 + 1 words), this uses 4 + 3 = 7 words each time a record is created. To determine the maximum number of records possible with this configuration, you would divide 7 into 19,300 = 2,757 records.
Note: if you have more than one DLOG, then you have to take all DLOG usage into account at the same time. 19.3K is for all DLOGs, not per each DLOG.
I hope this helps!