[Imported] MSIP through an FGR ethernet radio connected ethernet port.


[Imported] MSIP through an FGR ethernet radio connected ethernet port.

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User: mchartrand, originally posted: 2018-10-25 15:11:44 Id:220
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So i have an issue involving a scadapack 357 and a free wave Ethernet
ip radio. Im trying to send an MSIP from one scada pack to another,
they both have separate radio's and the slave has only one master. I
can connect through telespace to both units remotely and both radios
ping fine. but when it comes to talking to each other the msip always
sends me a timeout error code. I cannot get them to talk to each other
for the life of me. is there something im not doing on the slave end
to receive the message? BTW all im doing is trying to send a single
coil. BTW im connected to the scadapack throught the ethernet port on the radio...._**


A few questions for you...

Does the IP address for each SCADAPack fall within the subnet programmed on the other end? How about the radio IP addresses?

Can you please add something to the register assignment on both ends? In particular, can you please put in the Diagnostic module "Modbus Protocol Status" for the LAN port?

This will assign a block of 9 analog input registers that will show counts for:

Modbus command errors
Modbus format errors
Modbus checksum errors
Modbus slave commands received
Modbus master commands sent
Modbus master responses received
Modbus slave responses sent
Modbus stored messages
Modbus forwarded messages

By monitoring these registers, it can confirm if the MSIP messages are properly leaving the master, if they are arriving at the slave without errors and if the slave is able to reply.

If you are seeing modbus errors occuring on the slave side, it might indicate an issue with the radios (perhaps the messages are not being handled properly)

If the slave is seeing the message but not sending a reply, than it might be more of an addressing issue. The MSIP block has a section for the Slave RTU Address. This MSIP setting needs to match the slave Modbus station address under the IP settings.

I hope that helps