[Imported] Is the 4203 I/O expandable?


[Imported] Is the 4203 I/O expandable?

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Would really like to see an expansion module that is compatible with your flow meters. I don't think you currently offer one that will do this but here's to hoping I'm wrong.
I also thought I saw were you offered the 4203 with a LAN port in place of the serial port/ports. Is this still an option or was it ever?_**


There are two different versions of the the 4203 (DR and DS) with one having a bit more IO than the other, but the 4203 is effectively not physically IO expandable beyond that, meaning that more IO can't be connected directly to the processor. However, the unit's serial port capability means that you could have a SCADAPack close by with it's expandable IO capabilities, and have the 4203 poll the IO data via Modbus.
The ethernet option is not integrated into the 4203, but it is on some of the other SCADASense 4000 modules. That being said though, a third-party serial Modbus-to-Modbus/TCP converter could be used. We sell a Lantronix module that does just that.
Please contact our sales support department or your local rep for details.


One could simply use a SCADAPack100 on one of the RS232/485 ports and address the I/O on it as if it were on the 4203. This would gain you 3 AI and 6DIO. Hope this helps.