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Difference between ViewX license and floating license



I have used ClearSCADA for a couple of months now but haven't had the privilege to use both licenses (ViewX Client and floating) when I was doing a demo with my team.


I just want to know, what are the differences between ViewX Client license and floating license? What can the ViewX Client do that a floating license can't, and vice versa?


Looking forward to your response. Thanks; have a nice day!


Re: Difference between ViewX license and floating license

Hi, the 'simplified' answer is:

A Floating ViewX license is enabled on the server license itself and allows other machine/computers to view it on the server.
A ViewX Client license is not enabled on a server, but is enabled on a separate machine. This ViewX client can then view it on any server where it has been given permission to do so. The benefit of the client license is that it can look anywhere.... whereas a Floating ViewX license only allows other people to look at that one specific server.


Please refer to page 6 of the attached License Procurement Guide for more info.

For additional guidance, you could post this question on the Geo SCADA Expert Forum:



Re: Difference between ViewX license and floating license



Thank you for answering. I have further questions but I will definitely post it on the other forum you mentioned. I was used to the old SCADA forums where I could just post it anywhere.


God bless!