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Sigma Transition Issues


Sigma Transition issues upon Data Import the Sigma Server fails

Product Line

EcoStruxure Building Operation, Satchwell Sigma


  • Sigma
  • SBO


Sigma server fails when a SBO data import is initiated.


It is important that the Sigma Database is checked with Doctor (found in SigmaX) before ant Sigma transition is undertaken.

  1. Longtext - Longtext file contains 'mandarin' type characters - probably from previous BAS/Sigma upgrades. If the file contains these, then Longtext has probably not been used in the past or currently. Delete File, it will self re-create.
  2. Shorttext - Shorttext contains an incorrectly formatted entry. Find entry and correct. To find, delete 1 -250, if it continues to fails, the entry in question will be in the range 251 to 500 and keep halving until the entry is found.
  3. Index A errors - index contains a looping segment, where the page references itself. Correct index as necessary.
  4. Index A errors - page is referenced more than once, i.e. the index page can be opened via two (or more) routes. Correct Index as necessary.
    Note: the Index should be checked with SigmaX before a transition.
  5. Object corruption - open object in Sigma, if it fails to open, then correct by whatever means that is required. Note, Sigma server will fail at a point during the Data Import.
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