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Setting up Visual Verification to track who has gained access to a door using Access Expert


Setting up Visual Verification to track who has gained access to a door using Access Expert

Product Line

Access Expert


Access Expert v3


Verification of access is a common feature request in access control integrations. The following steps show how to enable and access this feature within the Access Expert v3 product.


  1. Open and connect to the instance with the required credentialsInstance Loggon.jpg
  2. Select the Access Control Tab and click on the Visual Verification buttonAccess Tab.jpg
  3. Click on the Assign Reader button to Add the respective readers and click OKAdd Readers.jpg
  4. The Visual Verification Window opens up with the readers that were selected from the previous step on the right side of the screen. Select the necessary readers that will be used for the verification.                 
     Readers on System.jpg
  5. Once someone scans a card on any of the selected readers, their saved image will then be displayed
      User Information.jpg
  6. *Note* If this Window is closed the configuration for Visual Verification will be lost and will need to be recreated
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