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Find broken TGML bindings and links in TAC Vista Workstation


A new feature is introduced in TAC Vista Workstation 5.1.7, enabling the user to identify broken and empty TGML bindings and TGML Links in TAC Vista Workstation. This feature can also list all bindings and links in TAC Vista Workstation, replacing the search function previously used to identify bindings and links in TAC Vista Workstation.

Product Line

TAC Vista


Vista 5.1.7 and above


Compiling a list of all bindings, or all empty or broken bindings, allows a user to quickly find and update any graphical problems cross an entire database at once.


From Workstation, right click on a folder and choose "Find broken bindings."

This replaces the previous method of searching for broken bindings within the Search window. Note the following object types are no longer available in the TAC Vista Workstation search function:

  • TGML Bindings
  • TGML Dynamics
  • TGML Link
  • TGML Links

See TAC Vista Technical Manual Chapter 28.2 for additional information about this feature.

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