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New Collaboration Opportunity Bringing Together Digital Innovators and Experts

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New Collaboration Opportunity Bringing Together Digital Innovators and Experts

The intriguing side of digital transformation is not so much the new ways in which machines now interact with each other, but as the innovative ways in which peopleare collaborating. Even 10 years ago, it was unthinkable for people to use their own personal vehicles as taxis for transporting paying customers from one location to another. Yet companies like Lyft and Uber have leveraged digitization to create a new business model.  And business models, when you fundamentally dig into them, are based on how people interact with each other.

The same phenomenon is now influencing the way the industrial sector is operating. Young engineers are coming into the workforce and looking at new communications channels for solving the manufacturing problems that confront them. Many are turning to unconventional, crowd-sourcing networks that reach beyond the traditional, serial approach of one company talking to another. Instead, one individual is communicating to other individuals, or group of individuals, to discover and co-develop new solutions that address industrial challenges.



In order to facilitate this spirit of collaboration, Schneider Electric has recently introduced a new, open platform called Schneider Electric Exchange.  The purpose of Exchange is to foster and nurture the development of new ideas via a community of manufacturing industry experts that both share and consume new concepts and solutions. The type of experts joining the Exchange community include system integrators, end users (such as plant managers and building owners), technology companies (start-ups, small medium sized companies), and specifiers/engineering consultants.

A unique combination of marketplace and community

The Exchange ecosystem combines the power of the marketplace with that of an active online community. On the community side, Schneider Electric has already on-boarded over 20,000 partners as platform participants. These are knowledgeable experts who interact easily over a platform they have learned to trust as a more efficient means for conducting business. On the marketplace side, the ideas exchanged serve as leverage points for transacting software product sales, offer introductions, services, business leads, and resource capacity sharing.


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