Unable to connect to the ENC using its IP address

Unable to connect to the ENC using its IP address


Unable to connect to the ENC using its IP address. The ENC Ethernet port LED's appear to indicate normal operation.

Product Line

TAC IA Series


I/A Series Enterprise Network Controller


The ENC DHCP function was enabled by mistake on a system that does not have a DHCP server. The ENC when booted up will try to get an IP address from a DHCP server which does not exist and the ENC may not have a valid IP address.


Connect to the ENC via its serial shell and perform the following procedure. Refer to Serial connection to I/A Series G3 ENC serial system shell using Windows HyperTerminal for details on connecting to the ENC serial shell.

1. Connect to the ENC serial shell using Windows HyperTerminal. Allow the ENC to boot up completely and you should see output messages similar to the following.


JACE 4/5 IPL Version 6.40 ECC
to stop
on-board nand
james startup version 6.41
launching devc
waiting for /dev/ser1
creating symlink for /dev/serconsole
Welcome to QNX Neutrino 6.4 on the ppc824x(james)
starting /ffs0 filesystem
fs-etfs-jace2048: Truncating fid 0x2f from 337920 to 316718 bytes
fs-etfs-jace2048: Truncating fid 0x64 from 5488640 to 13 bytes
fs-etfs-jace2048: Truncating fid 0x1ce from 4096 to 0 bytes
i2c: Using 100Mhz freq divider
Press ESC to choose alternate boot options...
continuing boot...
----------------------TCP/IP Network Status------------------------------
en0: flags=80008843 mtu 1500
address: 00:20:96:08:ee:06
media: Ethernet none
status: no carrier
inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast
inet6 fe80::220:96ff:fe08:ee06%en0 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x2
bad battery detected, A/C power test will not function
MESSAGE [12:38:25 19-Jun-2013] [tid=1] niagarad: starting, baja_home=/niagara
MESSAGE [12:38:25 19-Jun-2013] [tid=1] webserver: web server started [tid = 4]
MESSAGE [12:38:25 19-Jun-2013] [tid=1] app registry: station registry starting
MESSAGE [12:38:25 19-Jun-2013] [tid=7] engine watchdog: station TEST0817_TIM watchdog thread
started [tid = 8]
MESSAGE [12:38:25 19-Jun-2013] [tid=7] station: station TEST0817_TIM starting
login: tac
[2J [H J404 System Shell
hostid: Qnx-J404-0000-15C8-14F9
serial number: 584966
build version: 2.5.25
build date: built on 2011-04-04 16:47:24
system time: Wed Jun 19 12:38:43 STD 2013
niagara daemon port: 3011
en0: inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast
inet6 fe80::220:96ff:fe08:ee06%en0 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x2
1. Update System Time
2. Update Network Settings
3. Ping Host
4. Enable/Disable Ftp
5. Enable/Disable Telnet
6. Update Platform Account
7. Reboot
L. Logout


2. Select option 2 for update the network settings.

3. Press 'enter' (enter leaves the field at the original setting) for each field until the 'IP address (clear to use DHCP)' field.

4. Type in the required IP address here and press enter. This will disable the ENC DHCP function.

5. Key in the subnet mask at the next line and select 'n' when prompted to use IPv6.

6. Press enter until you are prompted to save the changes. 



[2J [HJACE Network Configuration Utility
Enter new value, '.' to clear the field or '' to keep existing value
Hostname :
Domain <> :
Primary DNS Server <> :
Secondary DNS Server <> :
Route <> :
Primary IPv6 DNS Server <> :
Secondary IPv6 DNS Server <> :
IPv6 Route <> :
NET1 Ethernet interface
IP address (clear to use DHCP) <> :
Subnet mask <> :
Enable IPv6 addressing on this adapter? (Y/n) : n
Confirm new configuration
Hostname : localhost
Domain :
Default Gateway :
Primary DNS :
Secondary DNS :
Default IPv6 Gateway :
Primary IPv6 DNS :
Secondary IPv6 DNS :
NET1 settings:
IP Address :
Subnet Mask :
IPv6 Addressing disabled
Save these settings? (Y/n) : y


7. Reboot the ENC and connect to the ENC using Workbench. 

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