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Time sync controllers to workstations


How do I time sync my controllers to my workstations?

Product Line

Andover Continuum


Continuum site


The workstation will only synchronize its time to the controllers automatically when the controller is reloaded. It is common practice though to have the controller synchronize its time with the workstation on a periodic basis, commonly once a day.


The only way to synchronize time between the Controller and the Workstation is through a Plain English program running the Workstation. This Program only needs to be created in one Workstation.

Below is an example of the program as well as how to trigger the program to run.

If Minute = 3 then Goto SetTime Else Stop
  Set NetworkName\LowestNodeCXName\Date to Date

Note: This program needs to be triggered off the minute system variable. The program is a Fallthru program which resides in the CyberStation. You only need to do the lowest ACCNet Id controller in each Continuum network.

Also ensure that the UTC offset has been correctly entered in every Workstation and BACnet device, and that each Network has the correct Time Zone setting.

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