EcoStruxure Building Operation Licensing and Scalable Pricing Info

EcoStruxure Building Operation Licensing and Scalable Pricing Info


Starting in EcoStruxure Building Operation 2.0, a new licensing structure has been implemented to reflect the new scalable pricing model.  This new pricing model is different from previous versions.

Product Line

EcoStruxure Building Operation


EcoStruxure Building Operation Version 2.0 and up


Due to the change in our pricing model within EcoStruxure Building Operation 2.0 and later, we have new policies regarding scalable pricing which has been different in the past.


In regards to questions around the new scalable pricing structure For EcoStruxure Building 2.0, please reference the sources below.

General Notes:

  • An upgraded or newly purchased 2.0 license will work with sites running older versions of EcoStruxure Building Operation.
  • Each Enterprise Central and each Enterprise Server license comes with one client license. 
  • It will always be possible to operate the system and will always be possible to add to the system (besides attaching automation servers to the enterprise server) if you do not have enough licenses. After certain time periods, the warnings, banners, and prompts will get larger and more noticeable. 
  • If ONLY hosting IP devices and no Automation Servers under the Enterprise Server, it is still necessary to purchase the minimum size Enterprise Server license (10 or fewer Automation Servers) as well as then the appropriate number of hosted node licenses.  The intent of this is to limit the development and support costs of having a highly resourced user interface at the Enterprise Server and to distribute this load across multiple servers.
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