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SUA1000UXI charge current/float voltage


SUA1000UXI charge current/float voltage

This was originally posted on APC forums on 4/25/2012


Does anyone know the charge current of this UPS SUA1000UXI its specs are similar to SUA1000XLI,but here in india it ships without battery,hence called UXI.

Whats the rated charger capacity?,

Whats the factory float voltage setting,since the Fluke or any other brand multimeters/volt meter shows a different voltage then whats reported by powerchute business edition.

The batteries that i have is a pair of 40AH capacity its a flooded /wet battery,the battery specs say that the charge voltage should not exceed 2.40v/cell and at 4A preferably and the float voltage should be 2.25v/cell.So that means the float voltage should be 27v for 2 batteries connected in series,otherwise its going to cook the battery from what i read.

But on my new UPS the voltage reported after 100% battery charge is 27.61v which i assume is the float voltage,measured when the ambient temperature is 30°C or 87°F .

If thats indeed the float voltage how can i reduce it.