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RemoteConnect and SCADAPack x70 Utilities R2.4.2 - Available Now

Commander Commander

RemoteConnect and SCADAPack x70 Utilities R2.4.2 - Available Now

RemoteConnect™ provides a flexible, easy-to-use programming and configuration environment for the SCADAPack x70 RTU series, which is comprised of the SCADAPack 570 and 574 Smart RTUs, and the soon to be released 470 and 474 Smart RTUs. RemoteConnect is a Windows-based application based on EcoStruxure™ Control Expert (Unity Pro) software components that can be used in both local and remote configurations.


The downloadable file consists of a single zipped file that contains RemoteConnect 3.7.3 and the rest of the x70 utilities such as the x70 Security Administrator and updated x70 firmware files. Once this zipped file has been downloaded and unzipped to your local drive, simply migrate to the 'RemoteConnect R2.4.2 Complete' folder and double-click the 'setup.exe' file. It is recommended to read the included installation guide for software and hardware compatibility.

Go to Exchange SHOP to find out more about  RemoteConnect and download the software free-of-charge.