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Memory is detected, but not configurable

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Memory is detected, but not configurable



We very recently deployed 2 x DCE Basic on a project. The 2 are monitoring 2 separate Prefabs. For some reason, one of these servers had a message "Memory is detected, but not configurable on the display in orange. 

During testing, one of the tests was to record boot time of the servers and the server could not boot up. 


When connecting a monitor to the server it come up with a critical memory error "An error was detected during memory initialization. Verify the DIMMs are properly seated and that they are installed in the correct sockets." 


A hard reboot resolved the issue but am certian that they issue will be back at some point. I picked up the below in a Dell forum but would like to know if this is a known issue and if it might also affect the Standard and Enterprise server offerings.



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Re: Memory is detected, but not configurable

Hi @KevinK ,


They are all Dell Poweredge servers. Standard and Basic are the same model with some configuration differences.

Enterprise, while still a Poweredge, is a totally different model. You can find the exact Dell model on their site using your Dell Service Tag number from the server itself.


Any Dell Poweredge is capable of this message and I'm assuming most other computers may see similar issues.

If you're asking if this is a common issue that we've seen with DCE servers, no, it is not.


Dell does have a troubleshooting document for this issue it looks like at least in some cases, it's a bios issue:




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