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Certsure announces retirement of ELECSA brand

Lieutenant JG Lieutenant JG
Lieutenant JG

Certsure announces retirement of ELECSA brand

On 1st February 2021, the ELECSA brand came to an end in a move which will see ELECSA customers transferring to NICEIC. The move is key for the Certsure organisation as they strengthen their position as the leading certification body for the building services industry. 

Kevan Parker, Managing Director of Certsure, said: “Historically we have operated the two brands both wedded to our core values of delivering technical excellence and raising standards.  However, our assessment processes and the assessors who deliver them are the same. So too is the customer service and technical helpline teams that work behind the scenes. In addition, we know that verifiers and consumers have 13 times greater awareness of the NICEIC brand compared to all other electrical certification bodies and thus we want to focus our resources and attention on just one brand.

“Customers who are registered with ELECSA will be contacted six weeks prior to their renewal date. In this discussion they will be invited to transfer and will be walked through the support available. We will work with our customers to understand how it will affect them. Our aim is to make the transfer as seamless as possible.
“We know that customers from both ELECSA and NICEIC may have queries about [the] announcement, so we have set up a frequently asked questions page on our website to support them. Our team are also on hand to answer queries directly.
“As we begin this process, we look forward to continuing to work together with customers – and continuing to ensure the technical integrity of the profession.”
Are you affected by ELECSA's retirement? Let us know in the comments.

Good day Vicki, 


Could you please tell me if I I move to NICEIC now, instead of waiting until 6 weeks before my renewal?



See you.


Lieutenant JG

Hi @MercedesLopez 

You can indeed move now - Certsure will assist any ELECSA customers who want to move across sooner.