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The Latest PowerPact 4 250A Powerboard

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The Latest PowerPact 4 250A Powerboard



The 250A Powerboard was launched in September 2020 as a smaller, easier to install, revision and replacement to the existing MG25 250A Powerboard range. The updated branding with a white metal enclosure and green signature strip across the top gland plate shows this as part of the new generation of panel boards.


PP4 Board.jpg



With the introduction of the ComPact NSXm breaker as the outgoing devices and the removal of the cassettes from the breakers, the Powerboard is much slimmer than its predecessor as well as many of its competitors. Being able to remove the cover door due to the split pin hinges and the introduction of cover handles means the installation has never been easier. So, when space is at a premium the 250A Powerboard is the ideal solution.


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From a technical standpoint the board is 25kA rated and accepts 3P, TP&N and 4P incomers rated up to 250A from the NSX range. The outgoing breakers are from the NSXm range and are available in a 1P or 3P options rated up to 160A. It has an IP rating of 2X and is Form 3b Type 2 as standard all manufactured and tested to BS EN 61349-1.


Open Board.jpg



There are top, bottom and side removable gland plates giving plenty of cable access. Internally there is a DIN rail mount which will allow the addition of a IFM/IFE gateway so the incoming side of the board can be metered via a Micrologic trip or alternatively by using the NSX PowerTag the incoming side could be metered with all the benefits of our PowerTag devices. As the board accepts the breakers from the NSX range there are many accessories that can be added, such as the Micrologic trips and with there more accessories currently in development larger cables and outgoing meter will be offer towards the end of 2021.

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