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Evolution of Distributed Energy Resources

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Evolution of Distributed Energy Resources



Distributed energy resources have evolved over the years. No longer is it now just solar panels on rooftops or backup generators, they are imbued with software intelligence and new proficiencies. These advanced technologies create opportunities for businesses to:


  • Leverage electricity markets with demand response, price management, and the sale of energy to the grid
  • Gain greater control over energy costs
  • Assure electric supply even when storms or other events cause power outages

Moreover, the growing deployment of distributed energy resources are triggering shifts in the century-old electric grid and a rethinking of future business models.


  • How did we get here?
  • What has this journey taught us?
  • And what can businesses do to maximize the benefits of these new technologies, especially during grid-stressing periods, such as extremely hot or cold weather?


Microgrid knowledge have worked with SE and Cummins Power Generation to produce this Whitepaper you can download from here: