The portrait of the month: who is Yves Renaud?

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The portrait of the month: who is Yves Renaud?

Hello everybody,


Every month discover a member of the Exchange Community.

This month we have interviewed Yves Renaud. He kindly answered our questions below.

He is a community member since 2011, where he demonstrates his expertise in EcoXpert Community – Segment Specialists and Power Distribution Excellence. Let’s learn more about this Expert.





Question n°1 : Can you present yourself to the members: where are you from? What is your position in your company? What are your hobbies?

         Yves Renaud: “I’m Yves Renaud, I’m based in Grenoble in France. I’m the Marketing Director for Healthcare Segment. Besides my work, I manage a Basket-Ball club (where my son is a player). Then when I have free time, I enjoy playing golf, skiing (still possible in the winter in Grenoble area), and travelling with my family during vacations.”


Question n°2: How the Exchange Community is useful for your business/commitment? How the Exchange Community is useful for your position / job?

           Yves Renaud: “Well, there are multiple ways I expect the Exchange Community to be useful for the Healthcare business. The overall goal that we have as a segment team is to profitably grow Schneider Electric business in that segment, ultimately be in a position to sell everything we can provide that helps our Healthcare customers addressing their challenges, like improving their operational efficiency dealing with more patients while keeping costs under control, providing their patients and their staff a safer and more secure environment, and improving their experience.
So of course our 1st focus will go to end-users, and we want to grow their awareness of the value we can bring them, through Thought Leadership content. But Healthcare is so complex that no one can do it all.. So to be able to deliver as much as possible of the value we can expect, we leverage our partners channels, and a key success factor for the segment is to bring value to Consultants and Design Offices, System Integrators, Panelbuiders ,.. sharing with them knowledge, tools, and various assets.
So as a summary the Exchange Community is very useful to share knowledge, best practices, tools to support the growth of SE Business in Healthcare.”


Question n°3: How would you define your experience in the Exchange Community?

         Yves Renaud: “I would define it as in the starting phase in the Segment Specialists Community.
With the help of the Community Management team, and thanks them for this, we recently identified that we only had 7 Ecoxperts specialized in Healthcare curentlly connected to the Segment Specialists Community. And this though it is one of the benefits they get when they specialized. We are now working with the Community Management team to fix this and invite all the Ecoxperts that are Healthcare Specialists to join. We hope & expect that this will help grow the Community, and that all members will benefit from this.


Question n°4: Can you share with us your recommendation or advice for the community members?

        Yves Renaud: “For me to succeed the Community need to have valuable, interesting and relevant content, that can be easily retrieved by others. So my advice is to bring valuable content, and keep it easy to find for the others and the visitors. Simplicity is king!


Question n°5: According to you, which quotes describe best the Exchange Community?

          Yves Renaud: “An amazing place to discover, learn and share!"


Question n° 6: To conclude, who do you want to salute or thanks in this community?

            Yves Renaud: “I would like first to thank the 7 Healthcare Specialists early adopters of the Segment Specialists Community for the trust they gave us, then the Community Management Team ( Oma, Firdous & Jean) for the support they are providing to make it successful, and then my colleagues Chris, Rahul, Damian, Odile, Hans, who are definitely bringing valuable inputs for our partners and end-users

Thanks again @Yves_Renaud  for your time and for your involvement in the community.

You can often come across him in this forums: EcoStruxure Building Operation and TAC Vista

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@Yves_Renaud  Thanks again for your time and your answers! See you soon on the community 😊


Thanks for your continuous involvement in XCH, Yves, not only in the name of your Segment Specialists Community, but also for your openness and commitment for Community generally speaking.🏅




Amazing to learn more about our users. @Yves_Renaud , thanks for your engagement and with this interview we get to know you more. Next step is to meet you soon in Grenoble 😄 




Thank you @Yves_Renaud for your contribution in the Exchange Community 😊


Thank you @Jean_Commeignes , @Omaelk , @Nedjma , and last but not least @FirdousKhan !