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The portrait of the month: who is PeterEdvik?


The portrait of the month: who is PeterEdvik?

Hello everybody,
Every month discover a member of the Exchange Community.

This month we have interviewed Peter Edvik. He kindly answered our questions below.

He is a community member since 2018, where he demonstrates his expertise in EcoStruxure Building. Let’s learn more about him.
  1. Question: Can you present yourself to the members: where are you from? What is your position in your company? What are your hobbies?
    Peter: “ I am an Expert Support agent for Digital Buildings. My main responsibility is to support Partners and Advanced Support agents solving support cases. I am from the south of Sweden, and my workplace is in Lund. Outside of work I enjoy trail running, hiking, and, of course, being with my family.
  2. Question: How the Exchange Community is useful for your business/commitment? How the Exchange Community is useful for your position / job?
    Peter: “ One of my responsibilities as an Expert Support agent is actually to be active on the Community, but the Exchange Community is also very important for me as a source of learning. Together with the Knowledge Base, the Exchange is a gold mine when you are digging for a solution to a problem.
  3. Question: How would you define your experience in the Exchange Community?
    Peter: “Having fun and making jokes is a great way of making life easier and keeping the Community together. Search for "LOL" 🙂
  4. Question: Can you share with us your recommendation or advice for the community members?
    Peter: “ My advice would be: Don't be afraid to join in the conversations or ask a question. Getting help and helping others is a great way to learn and to socialize with your fellow Community users

       5. Question: According to you, which quotes describe best the Exchange Community?
          Peter: “Many Community users express their gratitude when they get help. I cannot find a good example at the moment, but I have seen examples where users say like "What a great place this is!" or something like that. If I could only find where I read it, it would be a great quote.

       6. Question: To conclude, who do you want to salute or thanks in this community?
            Peter: “I would like to salute all those engineers out there who pitch in and help their colleagues. There are many generous people in the community. And that is what it is all about. Helping each other.

Thanks again @PeterEdvik for your time and for your involvement in the community.

You can often come across him in this forums: EcoStruxure Building Operation and EcoStruxure Security Expert

Please don’t hesitate to give him a like or leave him a comment below!


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