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The portrait of the month: who is Gavin Bryson?


The portrait of the month: who is Gavin Bryson?

Hello everybody,


Every month discover a member of the Exchange Community.

This month we have interviewed Gavin_Bryson. He kindly answered our questions below.

He is a community member since 2018, where he demonstrates his expertise in EcoStruxure Power & Grid and Industry Automation and Control. Let’s learn more about this EcoXpert.




Question n°1: Can you present yourself to the members: where are you from? What is your position in your company? What are your hobbies?


Garvin_Bryson: “I'm from a small village outside Derry City in Northern Ireland. I currently work for E & I Engineering Limited who are based in Donegal. E & I Engineering design and manufacture electrical switchgear and power distribution systems. I work within the Energy Management Division as a Systems Engineer utilizing some of Schneider's power monitoring solutions to design and develop SCADA and Power Monitoring Systems for our customers.


I have a variety of different hobbies. I love to read and watch movies. I enjoy listening to music and playing video games. Most of all I love spending time with my family. I've also become very interested in Power Distribution Systems. I studied to be a Software Engineer, however, an opportunity arose to work in E & I's Energy Management Division and I've found the work really fascinating and enjoyable so far. There is so much to learn and it is evolving all the time which is great. Subsequently, each solution we develop for our customer is often very unique.


Question n°2: How the Exchange Community is useful for your business/commitment? How the Exchange Community is useful for your position / job?


Garvin_Bryson: “This is where the Exchange Community has played a major role for me. My electrical knowledge and experience was very limited when I started with E & I just over a year ago. Mostly I have been working with Power Scada Operation and without the extremely helpful input from the Community it would've taken me much longer to get where I am now.” 


Question n°3: How would you define your experience in the Exchange Community?


Garvin_Bryson: “Subsequently, my experience with the Exchange Community has been extremely positive. Since I was able to gain access I have been frequently posting queries. Also, I think I've received a response for every query I posted too which is great. Furthermore, the discussion that the queries initiate can sometimes lead me to discovering a solution to my problem.


Question n°4: Can you share with us your recommendation or advice for the community members?


Garvin_Bryson: “Therefore, I would encourage members to engage with the other community members. There is a wealth of experience and knowledge within the community. Sharing with other members will also help increase that knowledge. For instance, you may have encountered a problem commissioning a PSO project and by discussing the issue a solution will assist other engineers who may encounter the same problem in the future.


Question n°5: According to you, which quotes describe best the Exchange Community?


Garvin_Bryson: “Quotes to describe the community. I would say that the Community has been extremely supportive and helpful towards my work. I wish I could contribute more to the community but I hope that other members are getting some value from the queries I'm raising and the solutions that are posted. I regularly visit the Exchange Community page, it has assisted me greatly and I hope I can repay the community in the future by contributing more.


Question n° 6: To conclude, who do you want to salute or thanks in this community?


Garvin_Bryson:  “There have been a number of members that have assisted me so far however @Adrian_Dicea has been the one member of the community that has provided me with multiple solutions. He has been extremely helpful and without his input I would've struggled completing some PSO projects. In fact, I posted a query today and I can guarantee I will receive a response by @Adrian_Dicea  at some point tomorrow. But the whole community has been fantastic. Everyone has been very friendly and supportive which are two critical elements for an online community to thrive.


Thanks again @Gavin_Bryson for your time and for your involvement in the community.


You can often come across him in this forums: EcoStruxure Power SCADA Operation and Industry Automation and Control


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Management and Animation Team of Exchange Community


Lt. Commander

@Gavin_Bryson thanks for your testimony, good to hear that you find value in the Exchange communities! How did you hear about Exchange in the first place? Do other peers at E&I use the forums? Thanks


Wish your example will be as inspiring for community than I could feel myself.

Thanks Gavin!