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Discover the Exchange Community Top members of June



Hello Exchange Community,

As we promised to you, new things come day by day on this community. The community is built by members like you and we want to thank members who are engaged with other members by answering, guiding, solving questions and issues. 

We want to highlight their contributions through this article every month. Here you got the Top members of June.

Here are our best members for the category of the best solutions for June:

  1. Adi (12 solutions) - EcoStruxure Power & Grid > EcoStruxure Power SCADA Operation
  2. Charles_M (8 solutions) - EcoStruxure Power & Grid > EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert &  Power Metering
  3. Scott_Depner (5 solutions) -  EcoStruxure Building > EcoStruxure Building Operation 
  4. PaulFr (3 solutions) - EcoStruxure Building > EcoStruxure Building Operation 
  5. RyanSuar (3 solutions) - EcoStruxure Building > EcoStruxure Building Operation 

Here are our shining members for the category of the best replies for June:  

  1. Scott_Depner (33 replies) - EcoStruxure Building > EcoStruxure Building Operation 
  2. Charles_M (31 replies) - EcoStruxure Power & Grid > EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert &  Power Metering
  3. Adi (26 replies) - EcoStruxure Power & Grid > EcoStruxure Power SCADA Operation
  4. David_Kendrick (15 replies) - EcoStruxure Building > EcoStruxure Building Operation  & Andover Continuum Forum
  5. KenWright (15 replies) - EcoStruxure Power & Grid > EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert

Here are our most liked members for the category of likes received for June:

  1. Scott_Depner (24 likes) - EcoStruxure Building > EcoStruxure Building Operation 
  2. UlfMagnusson (13 likes) - EcoStruxure Building > EcoStruxure Building Operation 
  3. RobertAndriolo (10 likes) - EcoStruxure Building > EcoStruxure Building Operation 
  4. Vassil (10 likes) - EcoStruxure Building > EcoStruxure Building Operation 
  5. JoDonHo (8 likes) - EcoStruxure Building > EcoStruxure Building Operation & Andover Continuum Forum

Congrats for all of them to arrive at the top position. And thanks to every member of Exchange Community to contribute to the collective intelligence. 

You recognize some of them? Please thank them through a comment below. 

See you next month!

Management and Animation Team of Exchange Community
Omaima - Jean - Firdous


Congrats, everyone!  Great to see so much representation for EcoStruxure Building on the leaderboard.


Thanks for the mention.  Great to see the collaboration!  Who can appear on the list in July?

Lt. Commander


Sounds like a challenge !!


Hello @Jeff@Scott_Depner@David_Kendrick ,


Thanks for your messages 🙂🙂


Stay tuned!





Sounds like a new list might pop-up shortly.

I can smell some cook under preparation in the kitchen.


Hello all,


Hope you all doing good. Here you will find the new list of Top members for July : check it!



@Jean-Commeignes the dish is ready! Have a great lunch! 🙂 😃



I keep it warm for lunch. Sems excellent.