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System Integrator Partnership in the Sugar Industry

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System Integrator Partnership in the Sugar Industry

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Case study

Customer challenge

Interlinx, a Certified Alliance system integrator from Malaysia, needed hybrid DCS libraries for sugar industry projects. Ensuring reliability through a certified partner was critical.


The solution

With Exchange’s contextualized search, Interlinx was able to discover a specialized Hybrid DCS library to better serve its sugar industry client’s SI needs. The library is published by India-based Supertech (a Master Alliance SI), which monetized its IP on Exchange.


The results

Interlinx and Supertech – two SIs – were able to create unique business value in their industry through their partnership:


   Malaysia-based Interlinx can now offer specialized system integration solutions to its Sugar Industry clients.

  India-based Supertech expanded its SI offerings to a fellow SI in need of specialized Hybrid DCS libraries.


Exchange's role


  Through Exchange, Supertech’s specialized library for Hybrid DCS was discoverable by Interlinx.

  The purchasing of the library was fully executed on the Exchange platform.

  License management and product delivery (via download) were also carried out through Exchange.


Interlinx and Supertech Schneider electric Exchange.png



Thanks to the Exchange platform, we are able to find and deliver the Hybrid DCS library to meet our client’s demands in a prompt and timely manner.”

-  Lim HK, Owner, Interlinx Automation


Video testimonial


Watch the video testimonial of Mr. Limaye - @cs_limaye_super - Director at SUPERTECH: 



super success story, thanks for sharing @Mahendra 




Good news!, This is just starting...