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SI and software engineering collaboration: PLC code validation

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SI and software engineering collaboration: PLC code validation


02_PLC Code Validation_story.jpg

Case study


The challenge


Adarsha Automation (Certified Alliance SI) was tasked with commissioning a tool to test and validate PLC codes by a large, India-based space research client.


The solution


Adarsha leveraged Schneider Electric Exchange’s contextualized search feature to find the exact tool they needed – EcoStruxure™ Control Engineering - Verification (formerly PLC Checker from Itris Automation)


Adarsha then contacted Itris via Exchange. From there, Itris was able to propose a solution customized to the needs of both the SI and the SI’s client.


The results


This collaboration between a Certified Alliance SI (Adarsha) and a Technology Partner (Itris) led to a transaction off the Schneider Electric Exchange platform.


The win-win partnership benefited all parties – Itris expanded its business; Adarsha was able to commission the exact tool the end user needed; and the end user’s PLC code validation challenge could now be solved.


SI perspective (video)


Watch the video testimonial about Exchange, from Praveen BP, Director of Adarsha:






“The Exchange platform is an excellent tool where we can find offers from reliable third-party companies to meet demands of our clients.”

– Praveen BP, Director of Adarsha



Explore EcoStruxure™ Control Engineering - Verification (formerly PLC Code Checker) and other software solutions on Exchange today.

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Thanks for sharing this success story @Mahendra