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SI & Cybersecurity Solutions Provider Serve Petrochemical Company

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SI & Cybersecurity Solutions Provider Serve Petrochemical Company

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Case study


The challenge


Base Sistemas (Certified Alliance SI from Spain) needed a cybersecurity solution for a large petrochemical client in Spain. 


The solution


Looking for a cybersecurity solutions provider to partner with, SI Base Sistemas posted the petrochemical company's cybersecurity problem in the Exchange Community. Several offer providers - including Enigmedia, an Exchange partner in the domain of cybersecurity - responded with links to their offers in Exchange Shop


Enigmedia’s Mercury cybersecurity offer was selected by BaseSistemas as the best solution for the end user, offering benefits including:


 Non-intrusive installation

 Plug-and-play deployment (zero-touch provisioning)

 Near-zero latency (less than 2 milliseconds)

 Secure communication even if the WiFi network becomes unsecure

 Data on air protected with encryption and authentication


Partnership results


The cybersecurity solution from Enigmedia has been accepted by Base Sistemas and the project has progressed into the execution phase.



Exchange's role


Through Exchange, Enigmedia's Mercury cybersecurity solution was discoverable by Base Sistemas, Certified Alliance system integrator. The two companies contacted each other through Exchange, eventually leading to a transaction off the platform.



Video testimonial


Watch the testimonial from Gerard Vidal, CSO at Enigmedia, speaking about his experience using Exchange:




Thanks to Exchange, the procurement process is reduced in just a few clicks.”

–Gerard Vidal, Chief Scientist Officer, Enigmedia