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Original Equipment Manufacturer provides remote support and maintenance for customer machines

Crewman Crewman

Original Equipment Manufacturer provides remote support and maintenance for customer machines

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The challenge


To continue offering customer support during COVID-19 lockdowns, EFFE (an Original Equipment Manufacturer from Turkey) needed a solution that would allow them to provide remote maintenance and monitoring for their customers’ machines.


The solution


On Schneider Electric Exchange, EFFE found the IOTPACK offer – a solution to improve industrial performance exclusively for businesses in Turkey. The solution is a suite of software products, including Secure Connect Advisor, Augmented Operator Advisor, and Machine Advisor.


  • Secure Connect Advisor provides a secure VPN tunnel so that EFFE can safely connect to customer machines and make required changes on the programming of the PLC, drive, and other devices on the network.

  • Augmented Operator Advisor - available for Windows Mobile, Android, and iOS - allows the maintenance team to provide remote assistance via a tablet or phone, through Microsoft Dynamics API.

  • Machine Advisor monitors the status of the machines and keeps the related BOM, CAD drawings, and wiring diagrams on the cloud.




The advisory software products in the IOTPACK for Turkey solution helped EFFE to meet customer expectations and product maintenance requirements remotely. With the solution, they are able to:


  1. Monitor the machines that they integrated for their customers.

  2. Troubleshoot customer problems remotely and resolve their challenges safely and efficiently.


Additionally, using the Schneider Electric Exchange platform, getting a price quote for the IOTPACK solution was seamless via the fully integrated CRM tool.


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Great package of offers and nice success story