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New Zealand dairy manufacturer meets market demand through digitalization

Lieutenant JG
Lieutenant JG

New Zealand dairy manufacturer meets market demand through digitalization

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Our Technology Partner

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Customer challenges


  • To build the ”world’s best nutritional plant” 

  • Traceability of product manufacturing

  • Process batching

  • Maintenance of  power supply integrity


The solution


  • Complete EcoStruxure solution for automation and power systems, with integrated software from WIN-911 and MDT Software

  • Delivered by OEM Partner addressing customer requirements for batching, traceability and seamless dataflow

  • Strong service support


Customer benefits


  • Ease and flexibility to increase product portfolio & volume to meet growing demand as well as cost-effective power

  • Reduced OPEX budgets compared to conventional systems with 20% faster time to market 

  • Comprehensive change management for AVEVA System Platform and Modicon M580 PLC programs.

  • Critical alarms notified in real-time on cellular devices.





Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Plant solution delivers connectivity to all our business layers. It proves itself to us every day as we interrogate data in the MES.”

– Project Manager, Dairy Products Manufacturer



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