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MQTT solution to push data from SCADAPack to Cloud – direct purchase on Exchange

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MQTT solution to push data from SCADAPack to Cloud – direct purchase on Exchange

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Case study


The challenge


True North Solutions (Alliance SI from Canada) was looking for a solution to push data from SCADAPack RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) to the cloud using MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) protocol.


The solution


Using Schneider Electric Exchange’s contextualized search, True North was able to discover GEN7 Systems specialized offer – SCADASuite MQTT for SCADAPack


  • Unlike traditional SCADA protocols, MQTT pushes data from the field device to the host – advantages include efficient use of the communications channel and instantaneous data capture after changes (rather than waiting for the next poll).


  • MQTT helps in high resolution data collection to drive advanced analyses like Machine Learning.


  • MQTT helps collect data directly from SCADAPack RTUs, bypassing operational systems like SCADA.




This collaboration between True North Solutions and GEN7 Systems yielded mutual benefits for both the SI and the tech partner. After enjoying a free trial to test out the robust product features, True North upgraded to a subscription to GEN7 Systems’ SCADASuite MQTT for SCADAPack through Exchange.



SI testimonial




“We looked first to Exchange to fulfill our need for a MQTT protocol driver for the SCADAPack. Exchange provided a fast and secure method to acquire what we needed, and the protocol vendor was extremely responsive in providing support. Overall the experience utilizing Exchange was very good.”

– John Olyslager, Automation & SCADA Team Business Manager, True North Solutions



Explore GEN7 Systems' MQTT offer and other digital products from our tech partners.

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Nice success story, thanks for sharing @AdrienLemaire  🙂