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Integration of advanced analytics in oil and gas plant


Integration of advanced analytics in oil and gas plant

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Our Alliance Partner







Our Technology Partner


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Customer challenges


   Configuring live data collection from IT DCS and Wonderware Historian to DATAmaestro platform

  Storing and analyzing data – and improving plant performance


Finding the solution


During Schneider Electric Innovation Summit Barcelona 2019 SWCOL (system integrator) and Pepite (advanced analytics solutions provider) initiated work on a joint business strategy. As they began their collaboration, they harnessed their synergies to tackle projects in Europe and Latin America.


Using the OPC standard and Pepite's DATAmaestro Collector tool, we were able to configure live data collection from an Industrial IT DCS to the DATAmaestro platform. It was possible to connect a Wonderware Historian's database to the DATAmaestro Collector and upload data to DATAmaestro.



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These kinds of partnerships are important for our company, as they allow us to extend the reach of our companies and services; as well as favor multicultural integration, without restrictions from location or language.” - Victor Ayala, General manager at SWCOL


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