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Indonesia-based SI and IAD troubleshoots end-user problem in Exchange Community

Crewman Crewman

Indonesia-based SI and IAD troubleshoots end-user problem in Exchange Community


Case study


The challenge


An end-user in Indonesia had purchased an upgraded version of Plant SCADA (AVEVA partner offer, formerly Citect SCADA) through Indonesia-based Total Inpro (Certified Alliance SI & IAD). When Total Inpro’s IAD Support Team encountered Error Code 102 while applying the activation code for the Dongle in use, a quick solution was necessary to resolve the problem and ensure customer satisfaction.


The solution


Acting fast, Total Inpro’s IAD Support Team troubleshooted the problem by visiting Schneider Electric Exchange Community’s PLC Club Indonesia and troubleshooting the issue on the forum.


These are the steps that were taken to ensure a fast resolution to the problem:


  1. After the IAD Support Team posted the problem to the forum, the community’s Internal Expert Team was notified of their query.

  2. The Internal Expert Team then provided a preliminary response indicating that Error Code 102 meant that the existing dongle was faulty.

  3. The Internal Expert Team also promptly contacted the product's Support Team for confirmation of the problem, then advised replacement of the existing dongle.




  • Schneider Electric Exchange provided the SI/IAD ready access to troubleshooting support when the challenge arose.

  • Thanks to Total Inpro’s prompt resolution of the challenge, the end-user was able to begin using Plant SCADA with minimal delay.

  • The lead generated by the partner for the AVEVA offer was followed up and converted into a win.



SI/IAD testimonial




I find Exchange as a very helpful ‘place’ to collaborate and find solutions when troubleshooting. It is a great digital platform for us and I’m looking forward to collaborating more in living the Industry 4.0 era.”

– Pradipta Setio, Total Inpro Multitech


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Thanks for sharing this great success story ! 


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