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Improved patient comfort by connecting bedside kiosks to BMS

Lt. Commander
Lt. Commander

Improved patient comfort by connecting bedside kiosks to BMS

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Case study


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Customer challenge


When a hospital decided to install multi-service bedside kiosks to improve patient comfort, the system integrator BCM Controls needed to find a scalable solution that would allow room temperature control from each of the 300 kiosks.



The solution


The hospital had previously been equipped with EcoStruxure’s building management solution, EcoStruxure™ Building Operation (EBO), so BCM Controls was able to leverage the Smart Connector framework to make the third-party kiosks interface seamlessly with EBO using OPC Protocol.


The server the SI chose was Control See’s OPC Server for Building Operations. The product was configured to modify the setpoints in EBO from the kiosk vendor’s OPC Client.


The OPC server for Building Operation discovers all EBO and connected controllers' points and allows any 3rd party OPC UA or DA client software to browse and select any point that is required by the 3rd party system. EBO Values are pushed to the OPC client software on change. This guarantees high performance of the OPC server and the EBO system.   





By using Control See’s pre-validated EBO-OPC Server for Building Operations – which utilizes Schneider Electric’s SmartConnector System – both the hospital and BCM Controls benefited from:


  • Purchase and procurement of the software through Exchange Marketplace was quick and easy

  • A fast engineering & implementation phase

  • A reliable interface between EBO and any OPC-enabled system.

  • A scalable means to easily connect hundreds of patient kiosks



SI testimonial



"I would say overall the installation and implementation went extremely smooth and was really easy to setup."

Mason Flagg, Software Engineer, BCM Controls Corporation



Explore Control See's EBO-OPC Server for Building Operations