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Hospital upgrades seamlessly to comprehensive alarm notification software interfaced with their BMS

Lt. Commander
Lt. Commander

Hospital upgrades seamlessly to comprehensive alarm notification software interfaced with their BMS


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Customer challenge

 A 900-bed Hospital in Quebec, Canada with:

  • Obsolete alarming software incompatible with OS
  • Lack of technical support
  • Inefficient manual alarm creation: alarms needed to be created twice, once in Building Automation System (BAS) and once in alarming software


In the customer’s words:


"We had an old alarming software that was receiving the alarms from our BAS system and sending them to various person based on a set of rules and schedule that was obsolete and needed to be replaced. The software was running on Windows XP, not compatible with Windows 10, no technical support, and the process of creating the alarms was done manually. To add a new alarm, we had to create it twice: in the BAS system and then in our alarming software. One feature that was missing and we were looking for was the ability to send text and email messages."




The Solution


EcoStruxure™ Building Operation - UCME-SmartConnector™ Alert Notification


"Procetech-Automation and Control See came up with a solution – UCME-SmartConnector that replaced our old system. Using UCME-SmartConnector, our alarm system is now up to date. UCME-SmartConnector was addressing many of our concerns:

  • Supporting the latest Windows versions
  • Interfacing directly with Schneider Electric's EBO to capture all our alarms
  • The ability to send voice, text, and email messages upon receiving an alarm
  • Efficient and secure two-way communication with technicians and field engineers
  • Creating and managing our alarm based on a set of rules and be able to have a history log


After start using UCME-SmartConnector, we realized that the software was missing few features that we needed. Control See and Procetech was there to support us and developed the missing features that were added to the product. In no time the software was working perfectly.”




Customer Benefits


By using Control See’s pre-validated UCME-SmartConnector – which utilizes Schneider Electric’s SmartConnector framework – both the customer and the system integrator benefited from:

  • A fast engineering & implementation phase
  • A reliable interface between EBO and the alarm notification system
  • A scalable solution that can easily handle thousands of EBO alarms





End-User Testimonial


“Overall, the integration with Schneider EBO is simple. When a new alarm is created it is easy to upload it into UCME-SmartConnector. The system is much more reliable compared to our old software and the technical support is always available when required." Philippe Boudreault, Chicoutimi Hospital.





Learn more about UCME-SmartConnector.

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