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Global chemical manufacturer maximizes energy performance


Global chemical manufacturer maximizes energy performance

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Our Technology Partner


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Case study




The customer operates a large coal/gas-fired boiler house (> 300 t/h steam / #80 M€ energy bill), already largely optimized from an energy perspective. Their request was to see how big data analytics could push energy performance one step further.


The solution


  • Offline - One-year historical data science study: energy production data -> energy savings potential detection

  • Go decision for live platform

  • Online - Data live (30s) connection, automatic alerts (750 parametrical 30s alerts), automatic shift reports designed with the energy team


Customer benefits


  • Defined the right approach to improve an already optimized process

  • Leveraged relevant data

  • Automated shift reports, with ability to display energy performance at the shift level

  • Allowed operators to streamline boiler operations, totaling up to 300 K € energy savings after the one-year implementation

  • ROI in less than 2 months





Customer testimonial




We already had developed an internal advanced tool, with Excel, able to send 35 alerts each 30s. Thanks to Energiency, we were able to create 300 alerts linked to recommendations, and after 2 months we decided to add up by ourselves 350 more, which allowed the operators to better control energy performance.” - Head of Powerplant, Leading Chemical Company


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