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Ensuring wind turbine uptime with condition monitoring


Ensuring wind turbine uptime with condition monitoring

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Case study


Our Technology Partner


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Isolated locations and volatile operating conditions are just two of the many challenges that renewable energy providers face when gauging performance of installed windfarms. See how one provider recently leveraged Acoem's software to overcome these challenges.


Customer challenges


  • Reliability issues affecting windfarm performance

  • Complex & costly maintenance of critical components

  • Remote & isolated machines

  • Difficult health monitoring due to variable operating conditions

  • Slow-speed parts of few RPM only


The solution


The interconnected automation and multichannel condition monitoring module ACOEM KITE enables the real time adjustment of edge computed condition monitoring indicators; these indicators function according to the constantly changing operating conditions of the wind turbine.




  • Seamless digital integration of condition monitoring capabilities to SE ecosystem in Modbus TCP

  • Powerful & cost-efficient vibration diagnostic capabilities of the whole shaft train, including planetary gear and main bearing

  • Remote diagnostic capabilities with dedicated tools for slow-speed shafts




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Customer testimonial




"Having visibility and advanced analytics of both my mechanical and electrical systems provides me with peace-of-mind on my day-to-day operations.” - Dan, Provider of Renewable Energy in the Philippines