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Enabling safe operations with PSO - distributed power network


Enabling safe operations with PSO - distributed power network

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Our Technology Partner


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Customer challenges


  • Enabling safe enterprise and Internet visibility into Operations Control Center vital networks

  • Preventing cyberattacks that could result in power outages, loss of revenue, and physical damage to equipment

  • Complying with NERC-CIP standards and cybersecurity requirements


The solution


A Waterfall Unidirectional Security Gateway provides full protection to critical control systems from attacks emanating from external, less-trusted networks.


The Waterfall Gateways replicated data from EcoStruxure™ Power SCADA Operation unidirectionally to the enterprise network and enables full visibility and monitoring capability of the data to users and applications.


Customer benefits


  • Absolute protection from online attacks originating on the IT network, and from Internet-based attacks

  • Online access to real-time operations data, with no change in end-user or business procedures

  • Reduced NERC CIP compliance costs

  • Reduced operating costs associated with training, administration, auditing, testing, and monitoring when compared to a firewall-based solution



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