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Efficient resolution of a regional water authority's cybersecurity challenges


Efficient resolution of a regional water authority's cybersecurity challenges

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Case study


Our Technology Partner


Enigmedia - Schneider Electric Exchange Community.png


The challenge


A regional water authority was looking to enhance its cybersecurity measures in regional legacy infrastructures. MSI Grupo was approached to solve their problem and provide easy deployment & affordability.


The solution


Enigmedia's Mercury includes a joint cybersecurity solution for EcoStruxure WWW customers. Mercury box is a combination of Schneider Electric Harmony IIoT Edge box, plus Mercury edge node cipher software


  • Mercury improves cybersecurity and connectivity in a seamless way with a central management console. It fortifies architectures and fosters compliance with IEC-62443-3-3.


  • Mercury offers high-end security features to protect your Industry 4.0 initiatives. It is fully compatible with your existing devices, protocols, networks, and doesn’t require any change of devices or configurations.


The results


Complex deployment projects and high production downtime were avoided because of the versatility and centralized management console of the solution.



Enigmedia - EcoStruxure stack - Schneider Electric Exchange Community.png


SI testimonial




Schneider Electric Exchange simplifies the procurement process and it’s really convenient for small or medium projects."

Peter Craamer, Innovation Manager at MSI Grupo



Learn more about Mercury Orchestrator and Mercury for EcoStruxure™ Plant Cybersecurity (formerly Mercury Cipher)

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