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Change management solution implementation for a UK-based water treatment company

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Change management solution implementation for a UK-based water treatment company

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Our Technology Partner

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Customer challenges


As with all UK-based water companies, South West Water has been implementing new equipment and procedures to better protect themselves from the threat of cyber-attacks on their operational technology systems (the EU Security of Networks & Information Systems (NIS) Directive aims to raise levels of cyber security and resilience of key systems across the EU).


The solution


To meet these requirements on their critical drinking water services, South West Water deployed “AutoSave” from MDT


The AutoSave software supports change management, software backup and software validation. Currently, South West Water is using the software to back up hundreds of Modicon M340 & M580 systems, which are remotely backed up to a central location. This allows for the backup to be deployed back into a system in a short space of time if required.


Customer benefits


  • Disaster recovery in the unfortunate event of a cyber-attack
  • System resiliency to the most recent working program and retention of the setpoint data

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With this solution, we now have a fully supported, standardized change management application across key intelligent assets, with access to a centralised repository for hundreds of device configurations across our estate.” 

Dan Tree, OT Field Delivery Manager, SouthWest Water Ltd, Company


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