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Asset discovery for a desalination plant


Asset discovery for a desalination plant

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Case study


Our Technology Partner


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   The new plant management team for a leading desalination plant (Spain) needs to discover the assets in the facility.

  • The water plant has vulnerable legacy infrastructure and lacks in-house cybersecurity expertise.

  • The company requires that production and OT cannot be disturbed during the process, so a light and fast asset discovery is critical.

  • Downtime would cause severe economic impacts for the company and could lead to environmental risks.




Joint cybersecurity solution from EcoStruxure, by Enigmedia - Mercury for EcoStruxure™ Plant Cybersecurity   


The solution combines SE Harmony IoT box and Mercury edge cipher software. Mercury includes light asset discovery functionalities among many others, such as network segmentation or secure data collection.




  • Cost-efficient and fast (the whole asset discovery took just 2 hours).

  • Thanks to Mercury, system integrators can expand their portfolio and offer asset discovery solutions.



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Customer testimony



Thanks to SE EcoStruxure ecosystem, we were able to contact Enigmedia, our current key partner for securing our digital transformation.”  -  CISO, Leading Worldwide Water Enterprise


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Bravo Gerard and Team Enigmedia! Congratulations and thank you for enriching and enabling EcoStruxure IIoT edgebox for cybersecurity solution



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